1986 Jeep CJ7


Jeep Picture

I sold this jeep fall 2010. This page is now here as an archive

This is my jeep. It currently is not road legal and I use it for offroading and working around the house with it. It has a stock four cylinder and a four speed standard with a Dana 300 T-case. The differentials are Dana 44 rear and Dana 30 front. They have 5.38 gears and Detroit E-Z lockers
in both ends. The suspension is a superlift superride 4 inch lift. It has 35-12.5 Mud King tires mounted on 9x15 inch rims, they are amazingly quiet on the road even going about 60MPH. I cut the spring hagers and the shackle mounts and reversed them to make a homemade shackle reversal so the thing will track straight even if I let go of the steering wheel. I also put a brakelock on it. Anything that dosen't have door locks needs one of those devices, check it out at their page you will like it.

The winch is a Mile Marker 9,000lb hydraulic model. It has gotten me and my friends out of a lot of crazy situations, as well as pulling fence posts and other yard work. The roller is attached to the brush bar by welding some pieces between the two bars and bolting on the roller. The nerf bars
and the rear bumper are made of exaust pipe and welded onto the frame. Those two clevis loops are welded to the bumper and reinforced but still can bend the bumper if pulled on hard. The rear bumper has some 3 inch pipe plugs pounded into each end to make them look nice.

The fog lights are mounted on a custom light bar that can be removed and put on with the full top while not leaking that bad, as if any jeep doesn't leak a little. They are all KC 100 watt lights using a trailer light connector to connect power to them when on the trail but still be street legal around here. I like the lights on the roll bar since they look better there than on the winshield.

The motor is stock except for runnig synthetic oil all through it and an electric fan and no belt driven fan, 83 horses don't make much heat. The only actual upgrade done to the engine is I replaced the ignition with a MSD 6AL. Most of the engine is stock it even has all the hoses hooked up more or less. It runs pretty good except for starting in the morning.

The stereo is a Pioneer CD and a Jensen 40 Watt Amp feeding some cheap speakers in the dash with some 8' MTX speakers in the rear in cusom boxes. The interior is stock except for a tach stuck to the dash and a lev-o-gauge. I also have a Gps mounted on the dash with velcro to use as the speedometer. Everyting else is stuffed in ammo cans stuck all over the inside to keep everything dry when in the mud.

I have no plans for doing anything else to this jeep other than keep it going. It is going to need a new set of floorpans and rear fenders very soon as well as a new paint job. I have been pretty lucky with it lately. It hasn't had any major breakdowns or blown parts, just the regular old stuff that happens with a jeep. One of these days I will post some more action shots.........

jeep action shot 1jeep action shot 2jeep action shot 4jeep action shot 3jeep action shot 5


For those interested in what it currently looks like here are pictures of all the rust on it. I will start working on fixing the rust this spring and when it is done and repainted the price will go up to asking $6,000 for it. But for now the price is still $3,500


Just look on the contacts page for information on how to contact me if interested.