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Alfa Romeo 4C Fix Steering Wheel Tilt Angle

The Steering wheel tilt control on an Alfa Romeo 4c as it comes from the factory will not let the wheel go high enough for anyone 6 foot tall or over to be able to see the top of the dashboard. There is a moderately simple fix to improve the angle of the tilt mechanism so the top of the dash is visible.

Working Brakes and Simple Electric Drive

The car has been sitting around not getting much of anything done to it other than using it as a table. The problem I have is if it is in the main part of my shop it is in the way of anything else I need to work on but once I put it off to the side it just gets forgotten. I needed a way to move it around without having to pull it with something else. I decided to rig up some sort of electric drive to it. I started by looking at welding a larger starter motor to the input shaft of a spare transmission. It would have been messy but would have worked good enough to let me get the car into place by myself. I ended up using a spare transmission and just used a stock Metro starter motor and just put a spare engine block on it to hold the whole thing in place. It looks terrible but it works.

Working on cargo area layout

I need to get the layout on where everything goes figured out. So before I start making the flange for the trunk lid to seal against I need to come up with how the rest of the stuff is going to fit. The first thing…

Start of framing up trunk and rear fenders

With the trunk lid cut free and the back of the car mounted I need to get it all squared up good before I can build inner fenders and stuff. I tried a few different things to get everything to sit square and finally came…