Alfa Romeo 4C Fix Steering Wheel Tilt Angle


The Steering wheel tilt control on an Alfa Romeo 4c as it comes from the factory will not let the wheel go high enough for anyone 6 foot tall or over to be able to see the top of the dashboard. There is a moderately simple fix to improve the angle of the tilt mechanism so the top of the dash is visible.

To do the modifications I used 10 washers, 5 on each side to lower the back of the steering wheel mounts. It was a pretty simple thing to change but to get to it you have to take the bottom cover off the dashboard and the bottom half of the steering column surround off. Once they are off Just loosen the front bolts that hold the steering column on. I loosened them all the way till they only had a few threads holding them on. That way I could remove the nuts holding the back of the column without the column dropping. Once the nuts are off the back of the column can be lowered and 5 washers or however many you need can be inserted on the studs then everything fit back together.


The way I figured out how many washers I needed was while the column was tight I took one of the nuts off the back and fit washers under it until I had as many as I could fit and still have enough threads on the nut to hold it tight. Five washers was about right for what I needed. Once I had the washers on and had the column tightened up I just had to fit all the bottom covers back on the car and it was done.


This last picture shows how much higher the column can go now with the washers in place.