A Few Pictures and Start of Redesign the Back Inner Fenders


Here are some pictures of the car somewhere other than inside my garage. The grass needs cut and was a bit high so that kind of hides the fact the car is 12 inches off the ground :)


The car is pretty good right now except for one minor problem. The garbage cans I used for inner fenders worked great for 12 or 13 inch rims but the 14 inch tires do not fit them well at all. So I would have to take the back apart and change the inner fenders. I decided the fastest way would be to use the inner fenders off another car and just bend them out a bit bigger when installing them. The old XFi body was sitting right outside my garage so it was easy to just cut the back end up on it and get the inner fenders since somehow they didn't have much rust on them. They will be a bit heavier than the plastic ones I had but the car is needing finished and can't drag on all summer getting the last few details.