Across America by Motorcycle


Well I think the bike is pretty much ready, I have lots of time off, and nothing better to do. So it is time to make a big trip on my bike. Me and Sarah are planning on making it from West Virginia  to California and back on our bikes.

There is no absolute plan on what or where we are going. Mostly just going to wander around for a couple of weeks. I will be on my DR650 and Sarah will be on her Hyosung GV650. Both bikes are set up well for touring. Since there is no absolute path the map I have here is mostly just a guideline for what we plan on doing. I doubt we will manage to see everything there is and we will probably not go exactly according to this map. But there has to be at least some idea of what is out there to see so here is the map.


I will have my phone set up to track us and the realtime tracking will be available at Right now that page has some random trips and testing but Monday I will erase all the random stuff on there and it will be showing the progress of the trip as well as any pictures taken and uploaded.

Some of the things we have listed to go see so far are:

  • Petrified Forest
  • Meteor Crater
  • Grand Canyon
  • Highway 1
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Wall Drug
  • Goldfield/Tonopah and other ghost towns
  • Salt Flats
  • Mt Rushmore
  • Crazy Horse
  • Devils Tower

That is a pretty spread out list so there is lots of other stuff we will see along the way that isn’t listed.

We are leaving Monday the 1st of June. I have the rest of the week to get myself and the bike ready. I need to finalize my packing list and mount a Pelican 1520 case I purchased to the back of the bike for a waterproof tailbag. I will post more as I get this trip together.