Aero Metro


This is the project page of my Geo Metro kit car I am building. This is a pretty big project that involves totally rebuilding my metro inside a totally different body. In the process it will be converted to a mid engine car and almost everything in the car will have to be reworked in some way or another. The body I am using is a kit car called a Manta Montage. It was also known as the ‘Coyote X’ on the TV series Hardcastle and McCormick. I used to have the car built with a 500 cubic inch motor but the car was very dangerous with that much power. So I am rebuilding it as a Geo Metro.

IMAG0072The goal of this project is to make a very nice daily driver. I want it to have all the standard comforts of a car like a radio, cruise control, and air conditioning. I want the car to ride good and be able to drive in it for long trips without needing a kidney belt. I have a few issues with the kit car body to make everything work but so far I have not found any problems that will keep the car from working like I plan.

IMAG0034The first part of this project is to get the frame built and build the Metro into the new body. I want to do it without destroying the convertible body so I can use it for a future project of some sort. So I am basically building a whole new frame without cutting sections out of the old frame. After the frame is built I will put the entire drivetrain and wiring harness into the car. I plan on getting the car running perfectly with everything reliable and easy to use with just gas only for now. Once I get everything working I plan on adding the hybrid drive system back onto the car. This time I will have plenty of room to properly attach the motor so there will not be any problems with the drive chain breaking. After I get the hybrid system on it I plan on trying to get more speed out of the car by adding a turbo. The turbo will not hurt the mileage for normal driving but it will help get the performance up to a level fitting new looks of the car.