Belly Pan Complete


finished up the belly pan today. I still need to cut a door into it for access to the bottom of the engine but I can do that when I remove it to clean up the engine bay. I used a good bit of bracing on the front to make it fit properly. I had to trim around the wheels a good bit to get it to not rub the tires. The only real thing left to do is to build the front inner fenders. I will work on that this weekend if the weather is bad. If the rain quits for a while I will probably get the car out and get some good pictures of it now that it is basically completed.


The exhaust is about an inch away from the Coroplast so it might possibly melt it over time. If it does I will just cut that section away and replace it with aluminum flashing so the bottom will stay nice and smooth. I ran out of screws so I will have to go back later and attach the covers on a bit better but they are on good enough for now. After the car show I will be taking the entire cover off the bottom anyway so I can get the wheels aligned. I also put the trim back in the trunk so it is looking pretty good now.


Nobody will steal gas out of this car now with the gas cap in the trunk. It might be annoying to fill it up but as little as the car needs gas it isn't a big deal. The second picture you can see how deep the trunk is. I can get small stuff in there but it is only about 14 inches high from the floor to the trunk lid so nothing big is going to fit in there.