Body lifted 1 inch


After a overly long break from working on the car I finally got time to start back on it. I have most of the major frame work done but there are a few changes I needed to make. I don’t have enough head room in the car the way it is built so I needed to make some room somehow. The easiest way to get more room is to raise the body off the frame. I used 1 inch square steel to raise the body off the frame. It was a pretty simple mod but made enough difference I will have no problems fitting in the car now. The pictures are a bit hard to make sense out of but they are with the car in the air and the floor removed.


With that change I lowered the car down and checked the headroom. I can now sit in the car straight up without hitting the roof. There isn’t much room around my head but I don’t have to drive it with my head to one side now. The car looks even funnier now with probably 6 inches from the tire to the fender. I will need to get dropped spindles for the front suspension to get it down low enough to look right. The good thing is I can lower the pedals to get them back where they were in relation to the floor and this gives me just enough room under the hood to get the master cylinder reservoir to fit now.