Building rear suspension


The last two days have been getting the car squared up. Since the concrete was flat and the lift arms were square it made getting it lined up much easier. I started by squaring up the front end and getting some chalk lines on the floor. From there the lines were transferred to the body and the rear locations could be measured easily. After getting the rear tack welded in place and using some furring strips to keep the strut towers in line I measured diagonally and across all the points already laid out on the floor and body. The farthest out of square of any measurement is 1/8 inch.


After I got it tacked in and sitting square I cut and welded some tubes connecting it to the old subframe. There are some extra tubes that need cut off from the old rear end. But for now it is fine and I will clean it all up later. Right now the lower control arms are sitting right where they need to be and the upper strut towers are all that need to be located and welded in. It looks like the strut tops will have to be mounted about an inch lower than stock to clear the hood. I can cut the springs to get the ride height back to stock if I can’t move the struts down lower in the brackets.