Bumpers on for some better pics


I spent most of today cleaning up the mess from painting the car and doing some little detail work so there wasn't much good to see. I did get the bumpers and lights on though so it looks a lot better now. I didn't bolt them on totally I just put them on for show. I will take them off and paint them flat black and try and fill some of the bad places to make them look better.


Tomorrow I will lower the car to a normal height and start finishing up the inner fenders and trying to get them as close as I can to the tires without rubbing. The car is basically ready to drive now but since I got ripped off trying to buy the side skirts on ebay to replace the rocker panels I will have to do something with that area now to make the car look better. I will keep looking for some side skirts but if I can't find a set this week I will just do something else to make do and get the car on the road.