Car Prepped for Paint


The car is getting pretty well done so I took it for a little drive around the alleys here to make sure everything was working. I didn't want to drive it far because I didn't have matching tires or enough lug nuts for the wheels. The car runs and drives fine so there are no issues with it so far. Now that it is nearing the end of the project I started sanding it and getting the body ready for paint. I had to cut the gas cap lid out and fill the hole in. I just welded a panel behind the hole I cut out and filled it with body filler.

100_0282I worked the filler and smoothed out the panel and now there is no trace of the old gas door. The only other place I needed to deal with was a small place on the passenger side rear fender that had some rust on it. That was a minor patch and was pretty easy.

The car has been sanded flat and most of the factory body filler has been removed now. I still don't know why they put so much filler on the car the body really wasn't any worse than any other car from the factory. The rocker panels don't matter and I will cover them with undercoating, I have a set of side skirts off a Swift coming in to cover the rocker panels.I removed the front and rear bumpers and all the extra stuff that was in the way of painting so tomorrow if it doesn't rain I will put the base coat of white paint on. My neighbor has painted a lot of cars so he is going to come over and give me a hand with figuring out how to paint a car. Once the white is on the car I will have to give it a few days for that paint to set up so I will just be doing minor detail stuff to it. After the paint is set up good it will be time to put the final color on and finish the assembly of all the little detail stuff.


It won't be long before this car is on the road now.