Charger Mounted


Doesn’t look like I did much since there are no pictures but I spent a good bit of the day sorting out the wiring. I have the shifter throttle wired up and adjusted perfectly now. It is a really smooth operating throttle. I noticed the pack voltage was a bit low so I mounted the socket for the charger and wired in the charger. It is in a spot I will never forget to unplug when getting in the car. the charger is under the batteries and passenger seat so there isn’t anything to take a picture of with it.


After that I put the pack on charge and kept wiring up other things. I tapped into the reverse light wire behind the seat and used a relay to set the controller to reverse when the backup lights are on. So now to back up with the electric I have to push the clutch and hold it down and shift it into reverse. I could have wired up a switch for it but the fewer switches on the dash the better.

After charging for a hour or so I unplugged the charger and tried out the new setup. The car is stronger with the batteries charged up some so maybe my first drive was on a half dead battery pack. I will let it charge overnight and equalize the pack. I also have a 44 tooth sprocket to swap out with the 36 that is on there now. That will limit my top speed to 60mph but it will pull much better on electric only so I think it is worth it.