Completed stripping the car down


IMAGE010The wiring harness and the last of the accessories bolted to the shell were removed. I am leaving the steering, brakes, and suspension on the car for now. I am not sure if I will need them on the car right now but there is no point in removing them until I know for sure they need removed.

So far I have the car stripped down as much as needed. I still have the tail lights and rear bumper on but there is no rust near them so they will not be in the way. I think the steering column might need removed but for now I don't see that as a big issue and it might be handy to have on there so I can move the car around easier. The weather is pretty bad out right now so hopefully in the next few days the weather will clear up enough so I can take the car outside and pressure wash it to get the grime cleaned off it and to help find any last rust holes.