DR650 Ultimate Seat Mods


The air cushion seat cover I had kept getting holes it in easily and I got tired of patching it. I have already modified the seat previously. The seat was sized and fit me well but without the air pad it would get to me after a few hours especially with D606 tires adding to the vibrations. I used the seat controls from a Ford Explorer to make it much nicer.

From the Explorer I took the lumbar support out of both front seats and the pump and controls from them. I mounted the pump under the seat and the pressure adjust switch on the left side where it can stick out just past the side plastic panel.


I crammed the wires out of the way and everything just fit without having to modify anything.  The air bladders from the lumbar supports are a good sized pad. the next two pictures are showing one of them flat and pumped up to see how much they inflate.


The pump is strong enough to inflate the bags with me sitting on them. After getting the seat cover off the seat I duct taped the air bags to the foam and tried out a few positions till I found one that seemed good. I ended up putting them side by side. With the tractor seat base already mounted they worked out perfect for me there. I drilled a hole on either side to let the air hose stick through the bottom.


I put the old cover back on for now. I didn’t have enough vinyl to make a new cover so I didn’t put a lot of effort into getting the wrinkles out. I will ride it for a few days and make sure I don’t need to adjust them any more before putting a thin layer of foam over everything to smooth it out then cover it with new vinyl.


The switch works great. Push it up to inflate the bags and down deflates them. So now I can adjust the air pressure while riding. Hopefully this seat will last me a long time and make riding long distances much nicer.