Drivers Front Suspension Done


Got the lower front mount in place. I decided it was not worth the trouble of trying to make up brackets and bolt the arm on. It has no reason to ever come off the car again so I welded it in place. The frame is partially welded and needs finishing but I will wait till I have the whole front done before welding everything up.

The pictures show a scrap of angle iron welded across the suspension arms. That is just a temporary brace to help hold everything square and will be removed once the other side is in place. I will need another brace going diagonally towards the center of the car, probably attached to the steering rack area to help stiffen the front end. It should be much more solid and have better road feel compared to the factory mount that has some flex in it. A brace across the bushing bolt from one side to another would make a factory car much stiffer and improve handling way better than a strut tower brace. That whole mount is kid of weak on a factory car so anything is an improvement on them.

100_0090100_0092  100_0089100_0093