Engine Mounts Installed


100_0197Since the weather was nice I got the engine pulled out and cleaned up over the week after work. It was pretty fast to pull it out since I have done about 5 of these cars before. I took it over to the convertible and put it in place. I used a known good metro to measure and locate the engine properly. I didn't trust my XFi to get the measurements off of since it is kind of rusted and crooked.

After the engine was located properly I had to modify the passenger side engine mount to get it properly aligned. I just had to bend the rubber mounting flange bracket a bit to make it fit the frame perfectly. The drivers side transmission mount was pretty easy. Just line it up and weld it on. The rear mount is still stock so I didn't have to modify it. Next I will put most of the body panels back in place to get the last of the brackets made up. I need to make bumper mounting brackets and some fender bracing. After I get all the brackets made up I should be done with a majority of the fabrication. Then strip it back down so I can clean and do some finish welding and some minor bracing before painting the frame and final assembly.