Engine Wiring Cleaned Up and Starting to Sand the Body


The wiring under the hood was a mess, there was stuff ran everywhere. So I took the time to arrange it all and wrap up everything to make it look nicer. I then put the radiator in it and topped it off with antifreeze so I could start the car and let it run for a little while to make sure everything was good. I didn't bleed the brakes yet so I didn't actually drive it anywhere.


With the drivetrain getting pretty close to being done I went ahead and started with the body work. The trunk lid was the biggest mess on the car so I started with that. I sanded on it for a while trying to get all of the bondo off it. But I ran out of sandpaper so I quit for the day.


There was a lot of bondo on it and on the entire body of the car. I bet that is half the reason why the convertibles were so much heavier than the other cars, they had at least 50lbs of bondo on them.