Exhaust Installed on the Diesel Astro


Managed to get a few odds and ends done today. But the big thing was the exhaust is totally welded up and done.

Today I had lots of little things to do. I had to adjust the throttle position sensor to get rid of a code on the computer. The stock G30 air filter won’t fit under the doghouse so I had to put together a combination of pieces from both air filters. I cut the snout off the stock Astro housing and used it. The opening on the G30 housing was really small so the Astro one should offer more air flow. After that I reconnected the brakes and added fluid with the bleeder valves open till they started dripping to get the system primed. While the fluid was working it’s way down the brake lines I started putting the exhaust together.

I had all the pieces from the G30 and the Astro exhaust to use for parts. I managed to use mostly the larger G30 pipes and muffler to get it done. I have the Astro Y pipe on it for now since the G30 pipe comes out on the drivers side. I will have a 2.5 inch Y pipe made and a good 4 inch exhaust put on it later. But for now this one is good enough to drive.


If I can get the alternator working tomorrow and a few minor things I should be able to get it out and drive it and see if the transmission computer is working properly. If the transmission computer is good then I should be real close to putting it back on the road once I find a good radiator for it.