Final Test Fit of the Body and Mounting Brackets.


Got the body on the car and have it sitting square. All the brackets are made up and adjusted to hold the bumper and fenders on in the right position. The rear bumper was pretty easy to mount it only needed two brackets to get it solid. I didn't leave the trunk or top frame on. They fit well enough without needing them to be reinstalled for this test.

100_0204 100_0205

After I had it all together and getting those pictures I started taking it all back apart again. All the brackets were just spot welded in place and most of them were near impossible to get to with the body in place. So I stripped it back down to the bare frame and welded and painted everything up. I didn't get the undercoating on it since the temperature was dropping fast enough after the sun went down it would not stick good to the metal. I will get it some other time since it is not critical to have it done before I can do any other work. This last picture came out hazy for some reason but it is still good enough to get the general idea. Everything is built and ready now to start assembling the car.


Next thing to do is to get the gas tank out of the XFi and mount it. Then put the good suspension under the car and run the brake lines. After that it is just a matter of fitting and getting everything else installed and working.