Frame Assembled


The frame is finally put together. All the main parts are in place now. I still have a lot of welding to weld it up solid and probably a dozen brackets to mount various stuff to the car. I will weld up all the seams and put a good coat of paint on the frame before I actually start to assemble the car. The bars going by the seats I figure I will cover with some padding otherwise they would get scratched up from getting in and out of the car all the time.


The frame is incredibly solid now. I can pick up the car over my head and drop it and the car doesn't give at all. You can jump on any part of the frame or pry in any direction and nothing gives at all. I am pretty happy with how the frame came together. There is stuff that could be better on it and I am sure there are people that will say I should have done a lot of stuff different, but it works and it works well for what I need it to do so I am happy with it.