Front Inner Fenders Sealed and Chapmanville Car Show Pics


Forgot to bring the camera in and get these pictures off the other day, better late than never. I sealed up the front inner fenders much better than how they were before. This time instead of using plastic to seal them I used aluminum flashing so it would hold it's shape much better.


I put undercoating on them after taking the pics. They are sealed to the belly pan and a small opening is all that is left for the tie rod and CV joint. I kept the back side open and will find out after driving it for a few days how the air flows in and out of that hole by the dirt patterns. If the air is flowing into the car then it is working good pulling air pressure out of the wheel well. If not I can either modify the opening or just seal it up. I plan on in the future making air scoops of some sort for in front of the wheels to take care of the airflow around the tires.

That was basically all that was left before cleaning it up for the town of Chapmanville car show. The show had lots of rain so there weren't many cars there. I got plenty of pictures though.