Front suspension mounted


I got the front end put under the car and squared up. It is much easier when the entire thing is one piece. After I got it sitting exactly where I wanted it I just had to connect it to the old frame. I made the lower frame sections and attached them. I still need to do the upper part and some bracing. Once it is all done the front end of the car should be strong and much lighter than it was. I also will reinforce the dashboard crash bar a bit better. Having a single brace on it doesn’t seem like enough for me so while I am at it I will add a bit of bracing to it.


The front end is strong enough it can be lifted off the ground without flexing but it would bounce and sag with any significant weight on it. Once the rest of the bracing is in place the front end is finished. All that is left after that is I just have to make a few body mounts on the front and rear and the structural parts of the frame are finished.