Front suspension ready to install


Today I finished cutting off the old frame parts and cleaned up the crossmember. After that I just had to cut it in half and widen it 5 inches. I welded on plenty of bracing to hold it solid. It might be a bit of overkill on it but I would rather have an extra 10lbs of weight in the front than have it weak. I painted it and put the new control arms on it. I don’t have the springs or shocks on it since nothing is installed permanently right now until it is in the car.


After I get it installed and squared up in the car the frame is for the most part finished. I will have a bunch of minor details to do like welding on mounting tabs all over the place but that stuff is minor work I can do as I need it. The only problem I have to solve now is to figure out a good set of parts for the steering rack. I need something 5 inches wider than stock now.