Gas tank finished


Didn’t get a lot of time to work on it today but I at least managed to finish mounting the fuel pump and get it wired up and everything on it working properly.  With the tank assembled I figured I might as well check the clearance on it to see what kind of room I have. With the tank just sitting on the frame it has plenty of room between it and the engine. The tank will actually sit about 4 inches further forward than shown in the picture but I don’t have any brackets made up to hold it so I just had it sitting on the frame.


The round black sending unit actually sits under the bar to give  you an idea of where it will be sitting. I won’t mount it until after I make the shifter setup. That is probably the next thing I will be working on. The reason I didn’t mount the tank behind the engine is I want to keep that area clear for the electric drive system once I get to that point in the build. I will be using a much larger electric motor and will be needing the extra room to mount it. Plus putting the tank in the back is a bad idea if it gets rear ended.