Gas Tank, Pedals, and Other Stuff Installed


100_0210Today was mainly bolting on parts. The First thing was put the good front struts on with the '97 model springs. They are the stiffest ones I have. I didn't put the brake calipers on yet. I need to take the calipers off one more car so I can use the best set. I left the 13 inch tires that were on the passenger side. They are the 175/60 tires off the convertible but two of them were bad so the drivers side has the '97 model 155/80 tires. If I can't find a set of 14 inch rims before the car is done I will just put the 145/12 tires off my XFi onto it.



After that I moved on to mounting the pedals and control cables. I had to cut an inch off the bottom of the throttle pedal to get plenty of clearance but other than that they fit without much effort. I had to drill the holes out for the clutch cable since the chassis had an auto in it to start with. The brake pedal went in and I put the master cylinder and combination valve on the firewall. I ran the front lines back out to the wheels but still need calipers so they are not connected yet. I still have to run new lines back to the rear and the brake system is done.

The gas tank was also painted with undercoating then mounted. I used the lines off my XFi since they were pretty new and in good condition. Running the gas lines was easy since the floor is flat now. The gas tank sits right below the floor with an access panel to it so changing the fuel pump or filter would be a 15 minute job now. The filler was not going to work in the stock location with the gas tank sitting as high as it does now so I had to just put the filler cap in the trunk. I will remove the filler door from the outside of the car when I get to the body work. The wiper motor was put on to test and make sure the 'vert wiper arm mounts were in good shape. I just used a battery to operate them. I also included a picture of the dashboard. It is not done yet but the pic gives a good idea of how everything is going to mount up and work.