Geo Metro XFi Hybrid Project Page


I am still in the early stages of this project. It is not quite as ambitious as the total rebuild of my XFi into a convertible body. But it should be pretty interesting and give the biggest mileage gains to date.

The plan so far is:

Step 1: Figure out the location to put the motor and how to attach it so it can drive the car.

Step 2: Get the motor and mount it.

Step 3: Add the speed controller and batteries.

Step 4: Drive away….

Sounds really simple doesn’t it. I am sure it will take months though. I ordered the Etek PMAC motor from Mars Electric LLC. For the controller so far I am planning on using the Kelly Controllers KBL72301 It has a 300A Max, 150A continuous current rating and can handle 72V. For batteries it seems like the standard one to use is the Trojan AGM-31.

So the controller, batteries, and motor don't seem hard to figure out they are just expensive. The biggest fabrication problems are going to be getting power to a the ground somehow, fitting the batteries without taking up the last of my usable trunk space, and getting the controls set up so that they don't make the car impossible to drive and are easy to use seem to be the biggest challenges.

Some Pictures of the current progress