How to Move the Passenger Seat Brackets Back in an Astro


Every Astro made has the passenger seat adjustment way to far forward. I have no idea why the factory thought only little kids were going to ride in that seat so I had to make a set of brackets to move it back some.

The brackets are made out of 1 inch square tubing. To make a set for yourself you need 3ft or so of square tubing and 4 new bolts and nuts. I cut it out and drilled the holes. I used a plasma cutter to cut it out but anything would work even a hacksaw.


Those brackets are not painted in the picture but it shows exactly how I cut them. I just put them beside the factory bolts and marked where to make my cuts and cut them out. I test fit them to make sure it all worked before painting them and bolting them down. Here is the finished result


The seat is much more comfortable now. I will repaint the brackets once I get some tan spray paint but for now it will do just fine.