Last Minute Details Before the Car Show


The car is more or less done and I just had some details to tend to. The only major thing was to repair the broken headlight cover on the passenger side. It was pretty easy just using some scrap acrylic I had from making my window. Just duct tape it to one edge firmly and let it stick out so the weight of the acrylic makes it bend the proper direction. Then just put some heat to it by using a lot of halogen lights.


After it has bent to shape while it was still hot I put the glue on it and quickly put it back together so the glue would dry fast. Then let it cool down and dry and cut off the excess. Once that is done all that is left is to mask it off and paint the border black.


And it is done


The board and upside down jackstand are holding the side skirt down while the glue on it dries. It came away from the body and did not want to stay put so there is enough glue on it now it should be stuck for a long time.


Car should be ready to show off tomorrow. There will be a lot of good pictures of it soon.