Minor Bodywork and More Interior work


I did some sanding on the car to see what it was really going to take to get the body ready to paint. The entire car has a layer of bondo on it so I am going to have to sand the whole thing down to bare metal. It won't be as smooth as it could be but it will be lighter. I also scrubbed the oil and grease off the bottom of the hood and put a coat of paint on it. The color is off in the picture, it was getting dark and there was already dew forming on it. One good thing, look how clean the windshield looks, it is almost like it isn't there :)


I have almost everything done on the interior now. I made the covers for the old rear view mirror locations and they will be used to mount the cameras in. The lcd screens are mounted in the dash for them already. I also installed the bluetooth rear view mirror and wired the gauges up. The amps are bolted down and all the wiring is tucked up out of the way and tied. Just a few minor covers and things left on the interior but it is wired up and ready to drive.