Modification to the rear track


So the car has sat in the driveway for a week with the tires and wheels on it. After staring at it for a while I decided the rear tires being equal width to the front is not right for the car. So I unbolted the wheels and slid them out wider until I found a place that looked like it was right. So I ended up with 60 inches hub to hub on the front end and 65 inches rear. The wheels are 8 inches wide and a 5 inch backspace. That means the total width from the outer edge of the rims is 66 inches wide front and 71 inches wide rear.

With that decided it was time to resquare the frame to the floor. Instead of putting marks on the concrete, I am going to try laying down a large box to mark on instead. It seems much easier to do it this way. I have it laid out and ready to cut the suspension arms and strut towers free and move them out a few inches.