Modified Floor and Added Random Braces.


I was going over the car and noticed the way I had the floor made for the area behind the seats really was not going to work well with the duct through the car. So I cut it free and modified it slightly so the airflow will be cleanly directed to the back end of the car properly.


I also did some bracing on the inner suspension mounts and added a cross brace to the front suspension. The front suspension mount seemed like it could use a bit more bracing, so adding a small bracket that went from the steering rack bolt to the suspension seemed the easiest way to fix it.


So my goal for the rest of this weekend is to install the wiring harness and maybe put the motor back in. After putting the motor in the car should be able to run and drive under it's own power. From there I will start bolting on all the remaining junk and getting it ready for the road again.