Modified Turbo City Touring Windshield for a DR650


The Turbo City Touring Windscreen is a pretty nice addition to a DR650 but it has two issues that bothered me. It is not adjustable and it locks the handlebars to the forks so the rubber vibration isolators no longer work. This is a simple change I did to fix both problems at once. Update: I also modified it so the screen is now height adjustable

The stock installation requires 4 points to mount the brackets I modified the brackets to only attach at the same bolt that holds the signals in place. I just bent the top mounting ears down and bent the top bend a bit so it lined straight up to the lower bolt. Then I cut and extended the tube with a small piece of rod. This let me turn the top mounting ear the right direction to match up to the lower one. The top hole needs drilled out a slight bit to match the bottom one. that is all it really takes to modify the brackets. Turbo City should offer the brackets this way. It works great and no longer vibrates my hands till they are numb with the Dunlop D606 front knobby tire.


With the single bolt on each side, the screen is still held in place fine and does not move. But it lets you adjust it so that it should be able to fit pretty much anyone. The last two pictures show the range of adjustment that is available like this.



I still was not able to eliminate the helmet buffeting after this. I modified the mounting ears so that I can now adjust the height of the screen up and down about 2 inches. I cut the stock mounting tabs off and ground the bar smooth. Then I just cut out four strips of metal and wrapped them around the bracket and put a hole in them. The pictures will make it clear.


These last two pictures show the maximum height that it can be adjusted to. It can also go a significant amount lower than stock. It can actually go low enough to get in front of the headlight. Just loosen the screws and raise or lower it then tighten them back. The windshield is now totally adjustable for everything except distance from the headlight fairing but I really don't see how that would change the airflow enough to care about.