More Fiberglass Work


Still working on the trunk lid. I have it thick enough now to be nice and strong. It is pretty close to level now and you can finally start to see what it is going to look like. I haven’t had much time to mess with the car but that just gave the fiberglass plenty of time to set up I guess. I put the last few layers on it today to get it up to full thickness. It is now slightly thicker than the stock fiberglass so it should hold up to being used as the edge of a trunk lid without much problem.


I still need to build up the back it is kind of thin and will need built up pretty good. I will get it built up then sand the whole thing down nice and level. I will probably go ahead and try out putting gel coat on and see how it works before I cut the lid free. Once the lid is free and reinforced on the bottom with some metal bracing I will start putting the finishing touches on the wing and make it in fiberglass.