More Fiberglass Work on Trunk Lid


It has been cold and terrible weather for fiberglass work so not much has been done the last week or so. But the weather is looking better now so it is time to get the work on the trunk lid going again.

I have 5 layers of chopped fiberglass over the first mesh layer now. It is starting to look good and won’t be long before I have it thick enough to work. I figure another 3 layers of chopped fiberglass and maybe a layer of mesh on top to make it look nice should be about right. I need to build up the thickness of the back edge a lot more. I will probably put about 6 layers on it. Then after getting the top cut off I can go back under it and put several layers and get it to about 1/3 inch thick. It should hold up good and not warp or do anything for a long time if I make it that thick. I will let this part set up and dry for a few days and maybe by Wednesday I can get the last few layers done.