More Front End Work Completed


100_0150I have been working on sealing up all the holes that were cut in the car as I built the new frame. I tried working around the front struts but they were in the way so I took the last of the stuff off the front end. The only thing left on the front is the steering rack and I will replace it with a better one since this one has some slack in it. I also cut the lip off the firewall. It used to be a structural part but now it is just in the way of mounting the ignition. I also have to seal the hole in the cowl where the car used to get fresh air for the heater. I will not be able to use it anymore with the new heater so it will be easy to just seal it up.

As soon as I have the front end holes sealed up I will start on the floor and gas tank mount. Once those are done it is time to start assembling the car and maybe I will actually get to take it for a ride. Either way the car is actually starting to look like it might get done pretty much like I hoped it would be. I just have to keep working on it and get it on the road as soon as possible.

100_0146 100_0147 100_0148 100_0149