More Interior Work Finished.


I had some other stuff to work on today so I didn't get a lot done. I fit the parking brakes and gear shifter back in the car. The parking brake was easy, I just had to cut the mount out of the old car and weld it into the new one. Then drill some holes and run the cables to it. The gear shifter took a bit more work to get right. I had to disassemble it totally so I could use the base of it as a pattern. Then I mounted the fixed shaft to the engine and aligned it and used it as a pattern to cut the hole for it. After that it was just a matter of bolting it together.

I also mounted all of the dashboard components. The carpc ports will be accessible from the glove box so mounting it was pretty easy I just had to make a bracket for the rear to hold it in place and the front attached to the support bar. I have none of it wired up yet. I also put the tail lights on and the now painted center section so I could try and get a feel for if it was going to be really strange looking or be really noticeable. It seems like it is ok so I will start fitting the grille openings in the bumper next.


Click on the picture of the tail lights to get a good view of the center panel. It really doesn't look bad with everything inside painted flat black.