More rear suspension work.


Today I got one strut tower located and some framing welded up to hold it in place. The passenger side is now located where it is supposed to be but it is not fully braced so it can’t support the weight of the car yet. The drivers side will be next. I also dug out a spare engine and transmission to see how they fit. I am not really happy with how the suspension is close to the motor. I might swap the suspension arms side to side and put them to the rear of the motor. I wanted them to angle to the front so they had a better movement when going over bumps.

I will probably go ahead and weld up the strut tower on the drivers side and get the rear sitting totally square and in the right locations before I change anything. I can then properly locate the motor in the correct position and see if I have clearance. If it is just the tube going down to the passenger side I can work around that pretty easy.


It is coming along pretty good. Maybe in a couple of weeks it will have the motor in it and be a rolling car.