Motor and subframe back in the Astro


Got a lot done on the Van today. I got the frame patched where it was rusted badly. The fuel tank has had the pump removed and cleaned out. And I joined the subframe back up to the body.

IMG_20101120_182901Getting the frame patched wasn’t that bad. I just used the old bent flex plate for the patch metal. It had holes in it that were a perfect match for the bushings to go through. So I cut a bit off it and welded it onto the frame. I just spot welded it on top and bent it over the sides to hold it solid. I didn’t want to weaken the frame by welding it all the way around it. I undercoated the frame good to try and keep the rust from getting to the places where bolts were removed and there were bare spots. It has made it this long without bad rust so a little bit of undercoating should get me another 16 years out of it. I think the front corner is rusted worse than the rest of it due to the battery being over top of that area.

After that was done and while the undercoating was drying the tank was dropped and the sender and pick up tube off the G30 tank was fitted on it and it was put back up under the van. I need to run new fuel lines, the old ones are pretty rusted and are in the wrong place. That should be easy to do though.

With all that done it was time to get the subframe back under the van. It took a bit of effort to line it up but it wasn’t that bad. I watched to make sure everything would clear while a buddy lowered the body down. The only parts that didn’t clear were the abs module needs moved over about an inch to the side and the lip of the doghouse drivers side opening needed bent over about half an inch or so to clear the fuel lines. Other than that it dropped right down like it was made to fit. It took a bit of fiddling to get the frame lined up and bolted back down. But now it is sitting solid with it’s new motor in there.


Next up is hook up the driveshaft and fuel lines. Then start on the big mess of wiring. I have a ton of wires that need removed from the Astro harness. The last few things are put all the accessories back on the motor and figure out where to mount the batteries and get the radiator fit down in it somehow.