Motor Wiring Sorted Out


The wiring diagram that is listed on the Kelly controllers website works but the motor is pretty weak and a bit noisy wired up that way. I used a chart that listed all 36 possible combinations of hall sensor and motor wires and tried every combination. The way they have it listed with B and C reversed pulls 3.9A@36V no load. The wiring combination I found that is the best is this


With that wiring the motor spins the direction I want for my setup and pulls 3.5A@36V no load. The motor spins quietly and has a good bit more power. I put the chain back on and tried it out and the car actually moved without any help. With the wiring connected as listed on the Kelly website it was not able to move without a bit of help to get started. If anyone wants it to spin the opposite way just reverse two of the motor wires.

If I get time tomorrow I will put the car together good enough to get it out and see how it does. Then I will start actually wiring it up properly instead of having a pile of wires all over the interior of the car and nothing properly wired. I need to make a nice control panel so I might try printing something out on a sticker sheet that will look a bit nicer than the typical row of toggle switches with no labels.