New Drivers Window Made out of Acrylic


I have had no luck finding a drivers window for a convertible. So I did the next best thing, I made one. I have plenty of hatchback windows but the corners are shaped different and the mounting points are different. The overall curve and shape is right though so that is what I used for a mold surface. Acrylic is easy to form if you just heat it up and let it cool in the desired shape. So all I had to do was tape the bottom edge down to hold it in position and put it out in the sun with some halogen floodlights shining on it and wait for a while.


I would turn the glass around and move the lights every few minutes to heat it upevenly and you can see how over time the rough areas started smoothing out as it relaxed and laid flat on the glass. I then let it cool down before moving it again then took the passenger side glass and laid against it to mark the outer shape and cut it out with a dremel. Then I put it back against the other one and marked approximately where the holes went. I then put it in the door and lined up the approximate marks with the actual mounting brackets and made my final marks. Then it was just a matter of drilling the mounting holes and there was my window. When drilling remember to use very very light pressure and as fast a speed as the drill can go.



If I would have taken my time and used thicker material and something better like lexan then it would have came out a lot nicer but this is only temporary until I can find someone that has a used window or a shop that can actually get a new one in stock. It will roll up and work good enough to get me through the next month or two or until I can find a real window.