New Exhaust and Battery Moved to Trunk


Been a while since the last update. After getting the car put together good enough for the show I pretty much quit working on it so I could get some house work done. I had other things needing completed before fall and the car had to wait. The last few details have been taken care of over time and today I got a good exhaust installed.

The alignment was way off on the car and I aligned it myself using some strings and laser pointers. I have it set for 0 toe so it wanders a bit on the road but nothing real bad. I also had to move the battery into the trunk, with the 14 inch tires there was just no room left to put the battery in the front without moving everything around. It was easier to just install it in the trunk and not have to deal with it.


With the battery and most of the tire rubbing issues fixed the last thing was get an exhaust on the car. I tried making my own but without a proper exhaust pipe bender it is hard to do without crimping the pipe so I took it somewhere and had an exhaust made for it.


It clears everything and the car is able to go over 60 again without the egt sensor going over 1800 degrees. I hold a nice steady 1000 degrees cruising and 1200 at wide open. And the car is finally nice and quiet.

I have a few minor issues to tend to before I start driving it but if all goes well I will be driving it daily soon.

I forgot to put on here I finally got a weight on the car. It comes in at 1510lbs. That is with a full tank of gas and all fluids. So the weight isn't anything amazing but it is still pretty good for the way the car was built since I tried to make the car strong and 100k mile reliable instead of focusing on weight.