New Rear Springs and Driven Sprocket Test Fit


I tried using a set of front springs on the back but it didn’t give me enough extra to get the car sitting level again. I looked around and the only other springs I had available easily were the front springs off a 93 Ford Ranger V6. They were an exact fit but were just a bit long. The first picture shows the stock spring for size reference.


The back end of the car was sitting about 4 inches higher than the front with the springs at full length. I cut them down to get the back end sitting a bit higher than the front. It should settle down a bit over time and that will get it pretty close to level. If not I can trim the spring a bit in a few weeks.


After getting it sitting good I moved on to the front axle. I took the axle apart on one end so I could slip the sprocket over the shaft. the 7/8 bore sprocket fits it perfectly and I just had to lightly tap it on over the surface rust. I just test fit it so nothing is welded or mounted. I had to make sure it fit well and everything lined up properly. So in the pictures you can see how well it actually works. The sprocket clears everything easily and I could have even went to a larger size. The washer on the end of the suspension arm mount just barely touches the chain. So I will grind that edge off and everything else is fine.


The motor is still just sitting there and not mounted. Next thing will be to move the MSD box out of the way and make up the motor mounting brackets. I probably will not cut the keyway slot out of the axle until I am sure everything is right but so far it looks real good.