Packing List for My Motorcycle Trip


So here is my list of stuff that I have packed and set up for the trip. I will be living off the bike for a few weeks with maybe staying in a hotel room once in a while. For the most part I will be camping and cooking my own food.

Here is a list of everything that is going to be packed on the bike. I will list everything and then describe it later.

  • tooth brush and paste
  • razor
  • deodorant
  • hair brush
  • shampoo, soap, towel
  • baby wipes
  • swimming trunks & t-shirt
  • 2x under armor (one wearing and one packed)
  • 2x socks/underwear (one wearing and one packed)
  • flip flops
  • rain suit and insulating liners
  • Flashlight
  • Coleman dual fuel stove
  • mess kit with camp utensils
  • small tarp
  • Coleman Vela Tent
  • Air mattress with small pump
  • air pillow
  • binoculars
  • rope

Most of that stuff is obvious what it is for. Baby wipes are good for cleaning up before eating instead of having to find somewhere with running water. The swimming trunks and t-shirt are good for sleeping and hanging around as well as swimming. I plan on washing the under armor and socks and underwear at night when I take a shower and let it dry overnight before packing it up. I could probably get by with one set but they are pretty easy packed so I might as well take them. The small tarp and rope I have no absolute plans for but they are always handy to have. Instead of packing a full size towel I am using a synthetic chamois. It packs very small and can dry very well for its size.


  • Asus EEE 901
  • Zune 120GB
  • Garmin Zumo 450
  • HTC Fuze
  • Kodak Z712 camera

I have a 12V socket on the bike. I will run a 4 way socket extension back to the tail box and all the devices can charge while safely stored in the waterproof box.

On the EEE I have Mapsource and the Zune software. I also have Activesync so I can tether the laptop to my phone for internet access. It is a basic XP install with nothing real fancy. The only additional software is Firefox and Windows Live Writer.

On the Zune I am subscribed to the Microsoft Zune Pass service. It is probably the best thing to happen to music. With it there is no need for XM radio or anything else. It can download channels and any music you can think of so I will probably never hear the same song twice on the trip. I have 40Gb of music from the Zune Pass marketplace on there so it would have cost me a fortune to do that any other way.

The Zumo and Kodak camera are pretty much standard issue items. The Kodak is probably one of the best lower priced cameras I have ever seen. It has instant picture taking so it never lags when pressing the button and the optics are incredibly good.

The Fuze is probably the most customized item I am taking. It is running Windows Mobile 6.5. The software used for this trip are Iris browser for surfing the web. It is probably the best mobile browser out right now on any platform. Imov messenger to talk to people on IM networks. Travelling blogger is on there in case I want to write a post on this site from my phone. And for the tracking software I am using TrackMe. It is a very nice program and if you look at my live tracking page you can see how good it actually is. All the pictures uploaded through that tracking page are sent through TrackMe.

Riding Gear

My riding gear is

  • Olympia Airglide pants
  • Olympia AST jacket
  • Acerbis X-tight boots
  • Zeus dualsport helmet
  • Alpinestars Alloy Gloves
  • 2L camelback
  • arm band for Zune
  • Cheap rain suit
  • Etymotic ER6i

100_0601For the most part all if it is basically stock. I did modify the Zeus helmet slightly. I cut the visor adjustment slot out so the visor has a much wider range of adjustment now. Look at the following pictures for more information.

The next two pictures show the range of adjustment. If it is set lower than the picture on the right then you are not able to see directly ahead and would have to tilt your head up. It still has a bit more downward adjustment so it can now be set pretty much anyway that is needed.


The tinted visor is just cling on limo tint. It seems better than a tinted visor, when it gets dark I just peel it off and stick it in my pocket without worrying about breaking or scratching up a spare visor. It is a bit blurry but it is really not that big of a deal. And I can carry a spare or two so if it gets beat up real bad and very blurry I can just toss it. A huge roll of the tint was around 10 bucks and could probably do 25 visors.

The Earphones are good for the Zune or Garmin. I use the foam tips for them. The rubber ones are all way to big. I will probably just run the wires through the sleeve and out to the armband. That way the wires are not flapping in the wind and don’t get tangled.