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Start of My 1 Ton Chevy Astro Project

So I have had my Astro for long enough I decided what I wanted to do with it. I use it to haul a lot of stuff around and am wanting to make it able to haul and tow anything I need. The easiest way is to put a 6.5L diesel in it and the rest of the 1 ton drivetrain under it. With a reinforced frame it should be a pretty good van by the time I am done with it.

Adding Rear Remotes and Top and Tilt to a BX24 Tractor

The Kubota BX24 is a pretty versatile machine. It is also pretty easy to add accessories on to. Here is how I added rear remotes and a top and tilt setup to it. The remotes will work with the backhoe on or off. I also have the parts list included so anyone else can add them to their machine.

Heading to Geopalooza with my Metro. Live tracking is working.

This weekend is the 3rd Geopalooza where everyone with a Geo Metro gets together and shares stories and ideas. Mostly we just hang out and are lazy. I am heading there like I usually do a day early. I will be hauling my Metro there instead of driving it. The thing is very rough riding and has no real comfort of any sort to make the 6 hour drive bearable. So the next best thing is to put it on a trailer and haul it there on my van.

Key West Trip

imageI didn’t post daily on this trip. It was a pretty short trip and my computer was very flaky and would not stay running long. So I just saved all my pictures and posted everything in one big post instead.

I managed to get the bike put back together a few days before we left and put 150 miles on it so I figured it was as good as new and went for it. The trip was 2350 miles total. We spent 5 days on the road. It should have been 4 days but we stopped a few hours from home due to the weather and not actually being in that much of a hurry.