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DR650 Ultimate Seat Mods

The air cushion seat cover I had kept getting holes it in easily and I got tired of patching it. I have already modified the seat previously. The seat was sized and fit me well but without the air pad it would get to me after a few hours especially with D606 tires adding to the vibrations. I used the seat controls from a Ford Explorer to make it much nicer.

Video on How to Replace a Geo Metro Convertible Top

This video pretty much explains everything about how to replace the top on a Geo Metro or Suzuki Swift Convertible. Just remember that it needs to be warm and sitting out in the sun when changing tops and it will be easy to do.

Charger Mounted

Doesn’t look like I did much since there are no pictures but I spent a good bit of the day sorting out the wiring. I have the shifter throttle wired up and adjusted perfectly now. It is a really smooth operating throttle. I noticed the…

Throttle Trigger Mounted

Another day without much being accomplished. But at least there is some progress. I wired up the hall sensor to the controller and tried it out. The trigger is much smoother than the game controller joystick. The gauge layout seems ok but the position is…