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Windshield Installed and Base Coat of Paint Done

This weekend has been slow going, it has been over 90 every day and really high humidity. I got all the dents and bad places smoothed out on the body and the base white paint is on there good and dry now. I loaded the…

More Bodywork Done

The hood and most of the body is pretty smooth and flat now. Check out the reflection in the hood. Not much else done today. Sanding and body work takes a lot of time.

White Base Coat Paint On

Was raining some today and bad weather in general but since it was only a base coat it doesn't matter if it is not perfect. I see a few places that need some spot putty to fix before painting so maybe the middle of next…

Car Prepped for Paint

The car is getting pretty well done so I took it for a little drive around the alleys here to make sure everything was working. I didn't want to drive it far because I didn't have matching tires or enough lug nuts for the wheels.