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Rear Bracing Completed

Today I welded up some bracing to attach the body to the new structure. Once that was in place I started cutting away the old unibody sections. I have a lot more to cut away and I will have to turn the car up the other way to complete it. It will have very little left of the stock unibody, other than the inner suspension mount brackets there will be no sign of the factory stuff.

Rear Inner Suspension Mounts Almost Done

Got the new suspension mounts started now. I still need to go through and cut a lot of the old stuff away and weld on some extra bracing but it is basically done. Next is to build new shock tower mounts then I can cut…

Rear Frame Started

Didn't get much time to work on the car this weekend so I only got one thing really accomplished. The rear bumper was cut away and a new main frame rail was tack welded in place. Next thing to do is replace the crossmember that…

How to Identify a Geo Metro XFi

The XFi model metro was made from 91-94. So actually finding one does not guarantee it is still an XFi in anything other than name.