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Completed stripping the car down

IMAGE010The wiring harness and the last of the accessories bolted to the shell were removed. I am leaving the steering, brakes, and suspension on the car for now. I am not sure if I will need them on the car right now but there is no point in removing them until I know for sure they need removed.

Engine and front end mostly stripped.

Well there were lots of rusty bolts on the front end. Some of them I managed to get out with some work. Some of them had to be cut out. Fenders, hood, engine, and trans are out of the car now.

Stripped the interior on the project convertible

Time to start stripping down the car and seeing what all is wrong with it and what is rusted out. I took the entire interior out of it and found very little rust on the back half of the car. The front half has holes in the floor though. I will pull the front end apart later and get it down to basically a rolling shell.

Start of the Geo Metro XFi Convertible project

Now that I have a car that looks like it is in usable shape it is time to plan a big metro buildup. I will be building a tube chassis for the convertible. I plan on stripping all the extra weight out of it that…