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Set up the Ultimate C/KU-band Satellite system. Part 1

It is pretty easy to find a used C-band dish in someone's back yard for free to haul away. Usually the LNB on the dish is old and if they still have the receiver and give it to you it won't do a lot more than maybe pick up a handful of channels. They think the system is worthless but it can get way more channels than they think it can, it just needs some updates and someone willing to tinker with it.

Found an Abandoned Junkyard in the Mountains



General information links: Places I have purchased parts from that were good to buy from. http://jegs.com tons of performance parts for cars. http://www.speedwaymotors.com nice Mustang II rotors with a chevy bolt pattern. McCulloch Fabricating Great custom built radiators, mine fit exactly like I wanted. Dakota…

How to Convert an ATV to Ford Ignition

Jun27-141There was no way I was going to spend $280 on a cdi box for my Yamaha Moto-4 ATV. I knew how to wire up a Ford ignition since I had to figure it out earlier for my Jeep. It isn't very hard, and it is a lot more reliable than the cheaply made cdi boxes. I got the idea from an old website that no longer exists. It had a wiring diagram of how to wire a Ford Duraspark ignition module into an older Ford car or truck.