Pedals and steering column installed


I took the rear hubs to a shop to have them drilled out. They should be done tomorrow so I can finally get the car able to sit on it’s wheels and suspension. So while that is being worked on I went ahead and started figuring out some other stuff. I had to make a new firewall out of 16ga so it would be strong enough to support everything, the fiberglass would weaken over time and crack with constant use. I just had to figure out where to put the pedal mounts then cut them out of the firewall. The power brake booster fits without any problems but the master cylinder is right up against the hood. It would be possible to fill it but converting it to remote fill is the best way to do it. I can run steel lines to the back and fill it there.

The steering ended up being much easier to hook up than I thought it would be. It even bolted onto one of the stock Metro mounting holes on the pedal mounts. I ran it between the clutch and brake arms but it clears everything just fine and is a pretty straight shot to the steering rack. I had to extend the lower shaft about 6 inches to make it work but it is all bolted together and working good now.


I still need rack extenders to have the steering fully finished and I will get them as soon as I can find the proper ones to fit. I also need to make a clutch cable mount and mount the gas pedal and run it’s cable. After that I could probably connect up all the brake hardware and have all the pedals fully working.